The investment you put into new countertops, regardless of the material chosen, should be equally met with the newest technology and specialists who can satisfy your specific countertop needs. Here at Gallery 77, we utilize the latest in laser templating and CNC technology to bring you the best fitting countertops that will last a lifetime or longer.

Not all countertop fabricators are created equal, as some are still using aging technology that simply cannot keep up with today’s demanding consumer. That’s why we want to explain what separates Gallery 77 from all the “old school” countertop fabricators.


Laser Templating

Many homeowners think their kitchen or bathroom is “just like any other home’s in the neighborhood.” The truth is that each space is unique and requires exact mapping. The placements of faucets, sinks and stovetops require precise holes and cutouts to ensure your new countertops fit precisely. Furthermore, cabinets need to interface properly with countertops to ensure their doors will freely swing open.

Traditional methods for measuring countertops are crude at best, but some fabricators still utilize this outdated technology. It leaves a lot of room for potential errors, and when you’re cutting a massive slab of natural stone or engineered quartz, the last thing you want is a miscalculation. A half inch in the wrong direction means your sink won’t fit or one of your new cabinets won’t open, and the whole countertop will need to be cut again.

Our laser technicians take pride in their work to ensure that the layout of your room is precise, accurate and complete so we can correctly design your new countertops. With over 17 years of countertop design, fabrication and installation experience, we understand what is needed to get your countertops fabricated and installed correctly the first time – without any do overs. By creating an incredibly detailed design before we ever cut material, we help ensure that our customers get exactly what they want in their new countertops and enjoy peace of mind during the entire process.


CNC Machining

Cutting a large, heavy piece of countertop is a monumental task that requires incredible amounts of accuracy to ensure a proper fit in your space. Older methods for cutting stone countertops typically began with using an overhead saw to rough-in the cut. Then either a water jet or CNC machine was used to finish the fabrication. Many countertop dealers outsource the fabrication of their stone countertops, as they lack the experience or machinery necessary even to do it the old-fashioned way.

Outsourcing fabrication introduces several points where mistakes can be made. One potential issue is surfacing errors when data, measurements and room designs change hands. If you ever played the game “telephone” when you were a kid, you know exactly what I’m talking about! The more hands in the process, the easier it is for data to become corrupted, measurements to be dictated incorrectly, and room designs to be less than accurately conveyed. To add to this, the customer has less control over the countertop material being used when fabrication is outsourced. Finally, there is always the potential for damage to occur to the countertops during shipping to the home.

At Gallery 77, we sidestep all these potential issues by doing our own custom design and fabrication in-house. This means there is a lower chance of mistakes and a faster turnaround time on getting your countertops cut and installed in your home. We use the latest in CNC machining technology to accurately fabricate your countertops the right way on the first go. Our CNC technicians are some of the best in the business and we are constantly working on improving our technology to stay ahead of the curve.


Quality Control

Any fabrication company must constantly scrutinize the quality of their service. This is a multifaceted process which begins with the raw materials themselves. We carefully inspect the tile, natural stone and engineered quartz which come into our shop. It is the only way to ensure our suppliers are making good on their promises to deliver only the very best to us. If we detect a significant flaw in a raw material, we know that no amount of craftsmanship can compensate for it.

Inspecting raw materials is only the beginning of quality control. We thoroughly examine our CNC machinery on a constant basis, as even a single operating flaw could have dramatic implications for our finished products. Our fabrication team receives ongoing training on our industry’s best practices, which update as frequently as technology itself. But we reserve our fiercest scrutiny for our finished products. Making certain that every countertop adheres to precise specifications is paramount to our mission to deliver excellence.


Customer Service

A good countertop fabrication company must seize every opportunity to deliver outstanding customer service. This includes returning emails and phone calls as promptly as possible, keeping the customer constantly apprised of their project’s status, exhibiting the utmost respect for their property while our installation teams are onsite, and quickly answering any questions they may have throughout the process.

Outstanding customer service doesn’t end once the countertop is in place. If our customers have any concerns about their countertop’s quality or questions about its maintenance down the road, they take comfort that our experts are never more than a phone call away. While providing customer service takes time and effort, understanding what makes it great is easy: It is precisely what we would want to receive were we to hire our own contractor!

If you need a countertop fabricator that puts quality over convenience and who wants to turn your vision of the perfect kitchen or bathroom into a reality, then make sure you contact us at our store in Hudson, WI. Let’s see what we can create together!