Good customer service encompasses everything a business can do to earn repeat customers. Naturally, for a company like Gallery 77, good customer service revolves around creating and installing the highest-quality countertops the greater Hudson, WI area (if not the entire world) has to offer.

But a contractor cannot merely master their craft and always expect to impress their customers. They must also build a strong rapport with each of their customers, stand behind every project they receive the honor of undertaking, and work quickly – without sacrificing peerless quality.


Good Customer Service Means Delivering Outstanding Products

We really do have to underscore the quality of our products before we continue. Without it, our customer service would be nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Great countertop fabrication requires state-of-the-art machinery. That machinery is expertly maintained so as to prevent even the slightest manufacturing defects. It is also expertly operated by technicians who undergo continual education and training.

But the greatest equipment in the world does very little unless it is used on high-grade materials. That’s why the Gallery 77 team exclusively sources the finest tile, natural stone and engineered quartz our industry has to offer. This is how we consistently deliver kitchen and bathroom countertops that look attractive, withstand decades of constant use, and fit right in line with our customers’ varying budgets.

Experience is also paramount to great customer service. Our nearly two decades of experience allows us to perfectly blend form and function while designing the ideal surfaces for any indoor or outdoor living spaces. Of course, you can only hope to gain so much experience if you begin providing great customer service from the very get-go!


Good Customer Service Means Creating Great Relationships

The Golden Rule applies just as much to the countertop business as it does any other. We like to receive warm greetings. We like when we know our unique needs are completely understood. We like when we feel prioritized. And we know our customers like these experiences just as much as we do.

Creating great relationships with your customers means putting them first in everything you do. They are not nuisances that come as part of doing business. Meeting their needs as best as you’re able is the reason you should go into business in the first place! That’s why we provide the human connection which is so increasingly rare in today’s age. Meeting face-to-face is the only way we can fully share our comprehensive knowledge of our products, understand our customers’ unique goals for their kitchens, baths and outdoor grilling areas, and – if we do our job correctly – make a friend out of the whole process.


Good Customer Service Means Standing Behind Your Work

Devote every second you’re able to perfecting your craft – but acknowledge that true perfection will forever remain just out of reach. That attitude is why we take our customers’ complaints so seriously and endeavor to address them quickly and completely.

On the off chance that one of our countertops fails to meet our customer’s expectations in every possible way, we devote ourselves to correcting that situation. We don’t do so begrudgingly, but rather because our commitment to delivering an outstanding product extends well beyond installation. That is the difference between a contractor who is following their passion – not merely doing their job.


Good Customer Service Means Working Quickly

Our customers would ideally have their new countertops installed yesterday. Fortunately they are realistic with their expectations, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delighted by lightning-fast service.

Fast follow-ups are key to exceptional customer service. For the Gallery 77 team, that means returning phone calls and emails at once, arriving on-site to take precision measurements within hours of initial outreach, producing bespoke countertops the instant our production schedule allows it, and installing them at our customers’ soonest convenience. And we do all of this, it must be added, without sacrificing the quality of our work. It’s a challenge, but it’s one we eagerly embrace as part of our mission to remain the best countertop provider in the St. Croix River Valley!

We would be honored to show you what good customer service looks like firsthand. If you would like a tile, granite or quartz countertop in the greater Hudson, WI area, then we welcome you to contact Gallery 77 today.* We’re standing by to answer any questions you might have, as well as provide the ideal countertops for your budget and personal preferences!

*Please schedule an appointment to visit our showroom at 1231 Industrial St #100, Hudson, WI.