Preparations for Installation

The final, and most rewarding, step in the process of getting new countertops is installation.  We ask that you make a few preparations prior to installation.

Once you have selected the perfect material for your new countertop, and we have prepared a digital laser template for your project, and provided your final approval before we proceed to fabrication -only one more step remains- and it is the most satisfying of them all – installation! The Gallery 77 team has spent the better part of two decades installing high-quality countertops. Thanks to our precision laser measurement and CNC cutting technology, every countertop we create glides seamlessly into place. Our seasoned installation crew has tended to countless projects over the years and takes special care to treat our customers’ homes and places of work with the care and respect they are owed. In addition to providing your ideal countertop, we wish to make the installation process go as smoothly as possible. We’ll tend to all the technical matters, but in order to do our very best work, we request that our customer understands a few things – and makes certain preparations – prior to installation of their new countertop.


To prevent damage to your home and its appliances, we require all plumbing to be temporarily disconnected within the room in which we’re installing a countertop, and all appliances moved clear to allow our installers appropriate access to your space. We are not a plumbing contractor and therefore are not able to do any plumbing work. Any countertops we will be replacing must be removed prior to installation as well. This service can be performed by Gallery 77 and included as part of your projects estimate or done by the homeowner, simply let us know what your needs require.


All cabinets must be completely installed prior to the arrival of your new countertop. Additionally they must be level to within 1/8” of the 10’ radius surrounding the installation, as well as clear of all projections.


Any moulding which may hinder installation (including those that frame windows and doors) must be removed prior to our team’s arrival.


Appliances may need to be moved out of the way for our installers to have adequate access to lay your new countertops. Our customer is responsible for setting the proper heights of their stove and dishwasher AFTER the countertop installation.


Adhesives on seams and sinks require heat in order to cure properly and prevent voiding their warranty. Please ensure that the space in which installation is scheduled is heated.


We apply a single coat of sealer to all natural stone countertops following fabrication. We also recommend checking and resealing the countertop every six months to one year afterward.


Our installation team will color match the seam adhesives based on their experience and appraisal of the project.


Although we will make every reasonable effort to ensure your backsplash lies flat against all mounting surfaces, please be aware that certain walls’ high and low spots mean we cannot guarantee a perfectly flush fit.

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Tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers, or other objects such as tabletops. Tiling stone is typically marble, onyx, granite, or slate.


Natural Stone refers to products quarried from the earth, used over thousands of years as building materials and decorative enhancements. These products include Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Adoquin, Onyx, and others.


Unlike natural stone countertops cut from pure granite, marble, or sandstone, engineered stone counters are made from quartz crystals held together with a resin binder. They have a similar appearance to natural stone, but they possess benefits not available with natural materials.  Quartz bathroom countertops have been very popular in the past few years.

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