Have at least 10 years passed since your last bathroom remodel? Then it is time for a refresh! Updating your bathroom won’t just keep your home up to date with the latest interior design trends, it will also let you create more storage space, do away with any parts of your lavatory that have become damaged or unsightly, and even conserve water.

When you consider a bathroom remodel’s  return on investment , the home improvement project becomes even more economical. For every $1 you spend on a bathroom update, you would get approximately $0.70 back if you decided to sell your home afterward.

If your home is located in the greater Hudson, WI area, then Gallery 77 provides everything you need to turn an old and dull bathroom into a new and exciting one. Our wide selection of high-quality and precision-cut  tile ,  natural stone , and  engineered quartz  create the ideal surfaces for countertops, flooring, and showers alike!


Bathroom Countertops

Gallery 77’s partnerships with over thirteen of world’s leading upscale stone and quartz distributors, we guarantee that we are poised to match your vision for your bathroom countertops perfectly. We specialize in engineered quartz – an ideal material for bathroom counters because it is durable, visually appealing, and virtually impenetrable to bacteria.

Whichever contractor you choose to create your bathroom countertops, ask them if they can use remnants. Those pieces are typically left over after the creation of larger countertops, and they are the affordable and  environmentally friendly  solution for the smaller counters bathrooms Even the smallest quartz accent in your bathroom will create a spa-like feel!


Bathroom Flooring

Several different types of natural stone can create an authentic and aesthetically pleasing bathroom floor. Granite is virtually immune to scratching, and its ability to retain heat makes it the ideal choice for bathrooms with  radiant heating . Quartzite (a natural stone that isn’t to be mistaken for engineered quartz) boasts exceptional resistance to bacteria and mold, and it even beats out granite in terms of hardness. And if you would rather design a subtler bathroom, the water-resistant slate will serve you well for at least another decade.

Can you create more privacy in your bathroom or control how energy flows through it? Consider a  pony wall , which can easily feature the same natural stone as the floor to create a cohesive, visually pleasing space.



Stone, ceramic, glass, and metal are all excellent choices for showers and tubs. Still, porcelain tile’s versatility, durability, and superior water resistance, make it one of the best options for any bathroom surface. Select the material for your shower or tub’s surface first, as doing so will let you pick perfectly matching countertops and flooring afterward. Smaller spaces like bathrooms are elevated when their surfaces are all made of the same materials, creating a coordinated aesthetic!

If your bathroom is exceptionally outdated, it may not have a walk-in shower. Fortunately, replacing a tub with a walk-in shower is a  straightforward and affordable project  that most professionals can complete in as few as days. A walk-in shower dramatically increases a bathroom’s square footage and makes bathing far more convenient – two reasons why it is one of our clients’ most popular bathroom upgrades. (If you’re concerned about whether a walk-in shower would get water all over your bathroom floor, don’t be. A simple  shower curb  will keep it dry and safe.)

If you’re remodeling a bathroom or kitchen in the Hudson, WI area, the Gallery 77 team is standing by to make all its surfaces gorgeous. We welcome you to  contact us  today to get started!