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Discover the timeless beauty and durability of Sintered Stone at Gallery 77.

Elevate your space with the unique charm of Sintered Stone. At Gallery 77, we offer an extensive selection of premium Sintered Stone materials that blend cutting-edge technology with unparalleled aesthetics. Take your time exploring our collections and displays to find the perfect fit for your project.


Sintered Stone Overview:

Unleash the potential of your design vision with Sintered Stone—a revolutionary material crafted through advanced manufacturing processes. Sintered Stone combines the best features of natural stone with the versatility of modern engineering.

Cohesive Collections:

Gallery 77 presents an array of Sintered Stone collections from top brands like Dekton, Neolith, Laminam, and Lapitec that cater to diverse tastes and applications. From sleek and contemporary to timeless classics, our showroom invites you to experience the depth and diversity of Sintered Stone.



Transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece with Sintered Stone countertops. Resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, these surfaces offer both functionality and aesthetics. Let our expert design team guide you in choosing the perfect Sintered Stone for your kitchen.


Indulge in luxury with Sintered Stone bathroom surfaces. Create a spa-like retreat with surfaces that are not only visually stunning but also easy to maintain. Our showroom displays a range of options to suit your personal style.


The foundation of every room should reflect enduring elegance. Sintered Stone flooring from Gallery 77 combines beauty and durability, offering a vast selection of colors and patterns to complement your interior design.


Make your fireplace a focal point with Sintered Stone. Our design specialists will assist you in selecting the perfect Sintered Stone to enhance the warmth and character of your living space.


What is Sintered Stone?

Sintered Stone is a revolutionary and sophisticated engineered surface material that has gained immense popularity in the realm of interior design and construction. At Gallery 77, we take pride in offering this cutting-edge material to our valued customers, providing a perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Sintered Stone is a synthetic surfacing material made entirely of minerals and is formed through a unique process involving extreme heat and pressure. Unlike traditional countertop materials like quartz or granite, Sintered Stone contains no binders. The composition is all-natural, comprising minerals such as quartz, porcelain, glass, zircon, hematite, and albite. These raw materials are finely ground into a powder, which is then subjected to extremely high temperatures (over 1,000°C or 1,832°F) until they sinter, forming a cohesive mass without melting. This distinctive manufacturing process is primarily carried out in regions known for their expertise, including Italy, Spain, and China.

Sintered Stone is engineered to possess unparalleled qualities, making it a versatile and reliable choice for various applications. The material is non-porous, eliminating the need for sealing, and it boasts an almost zero porosity level. This makes it highly resistant to water absorption, staining, and scratches, ensuring a surface that remains pristine even in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

The through-body composition of Sintered Stone means that the material is consistent throughout its thickness, offering a solid and robust structure. It is ultra-compact and dense, with slabs available in thicknesses of up to 30 mm (over 1-inch). Additionally, Sintered Stone is available in large format slabs, with dimensions reaching up to 10-1/2 feet by over 4-1/2 feet.

Appearance and Design:
One of the standout features of Sintered Stone is its versatility in design. Whether you prefer a matte or high-gloss finish, Sintered Stone accommodates all surface treatments, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your space. The material can replicate the appearance of natural stone, providing the elegance of quartz, granite, or porcelain countertops.

In summary, Sintered Stone is a state-of-the-art material that embodies the future of surface solutions. Its natural composition, advanced manufacturing process, and exceptional properties make it an ideal choice for those seeking a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing surface for their countertops, flooring, wall cladding, and various other applications. At Gallery 77, we are committed to introducing our customers to the forefront of design and innovation, and Sintered Stone stands as a testament to that commitment.

How is Sintered Stone made?

The creation of Sintered Stone is a fascinating and intricate process that involves cutting-edge technology and a meticulous approach to material engineering. At Gallery 77, we believe in transparency and educating our customers about the craftsmanship behind this exceptional surface material.

Materials Used:
Sintered Stone is primarily manufactured using recycled materials such as quartz, porcelain, and glass, combined with raw minerals like zircon, hematite, and albite. This eco-friendly approach aligns with our commitment to sustainability. The recycled materials are ground to a fine powder, ensuring a uniform and consistent composition that contributes to the material’s durability and longevity.

Manufacturing Process:
The manufacturing of Sintered Stone takes place in regions renowned for their expertise, including Italy, Spain, and China. The process begins with the collection and preparation of the raw materials, which are then finely ground into a powder. This powder is subjected to extreme temperatures exceeding 1,000°C (1,832°F), initiating the sintering phase.

Sintering is a critical step in the process, where the powder is exposed to high heat without melting, resulting in the fusion of minerals into a cohesive mass. This method creates a solid and ultra-compact matrix, forming the through-body composition that defines Sintered Stone. The sintered materials are then shaped into sheets under intense pressure, ensuring the material’s structural integrity.

Uniformity and Density:
The unique aspect of Sintered Stone lies in its ability to create a uniform and dense matrix through vibration, compression, and heat. This full-bodied slab offers unmatched performance characteristics, making it resistant to scratches, stains, thermal shock, and UV rays. The through-body composition ensures that the material’s properties remain consistent throughout its thickness, providing a reliable and robust surface.

Large Format Slabs:
Sintered Stone is available in large format slabs, with dimensions reaching up to 10-1/2 feet by over 4-1/2 feet. This feature not only enhances design possibilities but also minimizes the need for seams, contributing to a seamless and visually appealing surface.

In summary, the manufacturing of Sintered Stone is a sophisticated blend of science and art. The use of recycled materials, coupled with the high-temperature sintering method, results in a surface material that excels in both form and function. The commitment to quality and innovation at Gallery 77 is reflected in our offerings of Sintered Stone, providing our customers with a surface solution that embodies the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship.

What are the major features of Sintered Stone?

At Gallery 77, we take pride in introducing you to the outstanding features that make Sintered Stone a remarkable choice for your surfaces. Sintered Stone is not just a countertop material; it’s a testament to innovation, durability, and aesthetic excellence.

1. Composition:
Sintered Stone is a synthetic surfacing material crafted entirely from minerals and formed through a high-temperature sintering process. Unlike some other countertop materials like quartz or granite, Sintered Stone contains no binders, providing a pure and through-body composition.

2. Natural and Binder-Free:
One of the distinctive features of Sintered Stone is its all-natural composition without the use of binders. The minerals are heated to such high temperatures and pressed, causing them to fuse together. This process essentially makes the minerals their own binder, resulting in a material free from weak points.

3. Almost No Porosity:
Sintered Stone boasts almost no porosity, making it highly resistant to water absorption. This characteristic eliminates concerns related to staining and the need for sealing, offering a surface that remains pristine and easy to maintain.

4. Ultra-Compact and Dense:
The manufacturing process of Sintered Stone involves creating a uniform, compact matrix through vibration, compression, and heat. This results in a full-bodied slab that is ultra-compact and dense, contributing to its durability and resistance to scratches, thermal shock, and UV rays.

5. Thickness Options:
Sintered Stone is available in various thickness options, with slabs reaching up to 30 mm (over 1-inch) thick. This versatility in thickness provides design flexibility and ensures suitability for a range of applications.

6. Large Format Slabs:
Embrace the possibilities of design with Sintered Stone’s large format slabs, extending up to 10-1/2 feet by over 4-1/2 feet. The expansive size minimizes seams, creating a visually seamless surface that adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

7. Surface Treatments:
Express your style with Sintered Stone’s adaptability to various surface treatments. From matte to high-gloss finishes, you have the freedom to choose the aesthetic that aligns with your vision for your kitchen, bathroom, or other surfaces.

In conclusion, Sintered Stone’s major features encompass its natural composition, minimal porosity, ultra-compact density, and versatile design options. The meticulous engineering behind each slab ensures a surface that not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of both performance and aesthetics.

What are the primary uses of Sintered Stone?

Sintered Stone stands as a versatile and innovative material, finding its application in various areas of your home and beyond. At Gallery 77, we’re excited to share the primary uses of Sintered Stone, showcasing its adaptability and resilience in enhancing different spaces.

1. Kitchen Countertops:
Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with Sintered Stone countertops. The material’s durability and resistance to scratches, heat, and stains make it an ideal choice for crafting stunning and functional kitchen surfaces that withstand the demands of daily use.

2. Bathroom Countertops:
Elevate your bathroom design with the sophistication of Sintered Stone countertops. Not only does it bring a touch of luxury to your vanity, but its non-porous nature also ensures easy maintenance and resistance to water-related issues.

3. Flooring:
Experience the timeless beauty and durability of Sintered Stone on your floors. Whether it’s the high-traffic areas of your home or spaces requiring a touch of elegance, Sintered Stone flooring offers a stunning solution that combines aesthetics with practicality.

4. Wall Cladding:
Bring artistic flair to your walls with Sintered Stone cladding. The material’s ability to withstand environmental factors, along with its versatility in surface treatments, makes it a compelling choice for creating captivating and durable wall features.

5. Exterior Facades and Siding:
Extend the allure of Sintered Stone to the exterior of your home. Its resistance to UV rays and weather elements makes it an excellent option for facades and siding, ensuring your home maintains its aesthetic appeal with minimal maintenance.

6. Fireplace Surrounds:
Make a bold statement with a Sintered Stone fireplace surround. Its ability to endure extreme heat fluctuations without compromising its integrity makes it a reliable and visually striking choice for adding warmth to your living spaces.

7. Large Format Materials:
Explore the possibilities of large format Sintered Stone slabs that go beyond traditional applications. Create seamless surfaces in expansive areas, reducing the need for seams and enhancing the overall aesthetic continuity.

8. Outdoor Spaces:
Enrich your outdoor living experience by incorporating Sintered Stone. Whether it’s a patio, pool area, or garden path, Sintered Stone’s durability and resistance to environmental factors make it a practical and stylish choice for your outdoor spaces.

In essence, Sintered Stone transcends traditional boundaries, offering a wealth of design possibilities for both indoor and outdoor environments. Its versatility and resilience make it a material of choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

How does the cost of Sintered Stone compare to other countertop materials?

Comparing the Cost of Sintered Stone to Other Countertop Materials

Navigating the costs of countertop materials is vital for informed decision-making in home design. Gallery 77 is committed to transparency, offering insights to assist you in making the right choices. Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the cost considerations for Sintered Stone in relation to popular alternatives like quartz and natural granite:

1. Sintered Stone:
Sintered Stone countertops fall within a range that considers factors like thickness, design intricacy, and installation requirements. Being a relatively new material, Sintered Stone may be priced at a level commensurate with its innovative features and benefits.

2. Quartz:
Quartz countertops, including installation, generally come with a specific price range.
Higher-end quartz options may involve additional costs, and labor expenses can vary based on installation complexity.

3. Natural Granite:
Natural granite countertops share a comparable cost range with Sintered Stone, considering factors like quality, design, and installation. Granite may require periodic maintenance, such as sealing, impacting overall cost considerations.

Countertop costs are influenced by factors like material quality, design intricacy, and installation requirements.
Sintered Stone’s pricing aligns with its innovative composition, durability, and resistance to environmental factors. Each material offers unique features; Sintered Stone, known for being scratch-resistant, heat-proof, and nearly non-porous, presents a compelling option.

When assessing the cost landscape of Sintered Stone alongside quartz and natural granite, it’s essential to evaluate the distinctive characteristics and benefits of each material. Sintered Stone, with its modern composition and exceptional performance, stands out as an attractive choice for those seeking a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

At Gallery 77, our commitment is to provide guidance that aligns with your design preferences and budget considerations. Our team is ready to assist you throughout the decision-making process, ensuring you make choices that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.

Is Sintered Stone environmentally friendly?

Exploring the Environmental Friendliness of Sintered Stone

At Gallery 77, we recognize the importance of sustainability in modern design choices. Here’s an in-depth look at the environmental friendliness of Sintered Stone:

Sintered Stone is a synthetic surfacing material crafted entirely from minerals, eliminating the need for binders or resins. Its composition includes recycled materials like quartz, porcelain, and glass, along with raw minerals such as zircon, hematite, and albite.

Manufacturing Process:
Primarily manufactured in regions like Italy, Spain, and China, the production of Sintered Stone involves grinding recycled and raw materials into a fine powder. The materials undergo a high-temperature sintering process, reaching over 1,000°C (1,832°F), forming a cohesive mass without melting. The result is an ultra-compact, dense material that is both durable and environmentally conscious.

Sustainability Highlights:
Sintered Stone’s through-body composition ensures that it is not layered, contributing to its structural integrity. The absence of weak points and almost no porosity enhances its longevity and reduces the need for replacements, minimizing environmental impact. Sintered Stone’s recyclability adds to its eco-friendly profile, allowing for responsible disposal at the end of its lifecycle.

Comparison with Other Materials:
In comparison to traditional natural stone materials, Sintered Stone’s engineered composition reduces the environmental impact associated with quarrying and extraction. The manufacturing process of Sintered Stone, with its reliance on recycled content, aligns with sustainable practices, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Sintered Stone emerges as an environmentally friendly choice in the realm of countertop materials. Its innovative composition, coupled with a manufacturing process that emphasizes sustainability, positions it as a responsible option for those seeking both durability and ecological consciousness.

At Gallery 77, we are committed to providing materials that not only elevate your living spaces but also align with your values of environmental responsibility. Our team is here to guide you in making choices that blend aesthetic appeal with sustainable practices.


How durable is Sintered Stone?

Unveiling the Durability of Sintered Stone at Gallery 77

When it comes to durability, Sintered Stone stands out as an exceptional choice for various applications. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Heat Resistance:
Sintered Stone exhibits remarkable heat resistance, allowing hot pans to rest on its surface without causing melting or scorching. Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it a reliable option for kitchen countertops and other areas prone to heat fluctuations.

Scratch Resistance:
Sintered Stone boasts a high level of scratch resistance, making it resilient against daily wear and tear. The material can be chopped on, cut on, and scratched with minimal to no impact, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Stain Resistance:
Staining is a common concern in hardworking areas like kitchens and bathrooms, but Sintered Stone alleviates these worries. The material is resistant to stains, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring your countertops retain their pristine appearance over time.

UV Resistance:
Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can often lead to fading in certain materials, but not with Sintered Stone. Its UV resistance ensures that the color and integrity of the material remain intact, even in spaces with ample sunlight.

Performance in Various Conditions:
Sintered Stone is designed to perform exceptionally well in a variety of conditions, from kitchen countertops to bathroom surfaces and even outdoor applications. It is resistant to thermal shock, preventing damage from sudden temperature changes, and offering unparalleled durability in different environments.

Sintered Stone, available at Gallery 77, is synonymous with durability. Its resistance to heat, scratches, staining, UV rays, and adaptability to various conditions positions it as a reliable and long-lasting choice for your living spaces. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek kitchen countertop or an enduring outdoor facade, Sintered Stone delivers on both aesthetics and performance. Visit our showroom to explore the diverse range of Sintered Stone options and elevate your space with enduring elegance.

Can Sintered Stone be used outdoors?

Curious about incorporating Sintered Stone into your outdoor spaces? Here’s what you need to know:

UV Resistance:
Sintered Stone is an excellent choice for outdoor applications, thanks to its impressive UV resistance. This means your chosen design and colors will maintain their vibrancy despite prolonged exposure to sunlight. Whether it’s a patio, exterior facade, or landscaping elements, Sintered Stone offers durability under the sun.

Weather Resistance:
Gallery 77 proudly recommends Sintered Stone for outdoor use due to its exceptional weather resistance. The material is designed to withstand the elements, including rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations. This makes it a reliable option for creating enduring and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Versatile Applications:
Consider using Sintered Stone for a variety of outdoor features, such as:

Exterior Facades:
Enhance the curb appeal of your home with Sintered Stone cladding that not only looks stunning but also stands up to diverse weather conditions.

Patios and Decks:
Transform your outdoor entertaining areas with Sintered Stone countertops, tables, or flooring, providing both style and durability.

Landscaping Elements:
Integrate Sintered Stone into landscaping projects, creating durable and visually appealing features like benches, planters, or decorative panels.

Professional Guidance:
While Sintered Stone is an excellent choice for outdoor use, it’s crucial to consult with our experts at Gallery 77. Our team can provide personalized advice based on your specific project, ensuring that your outdoor design not only looks stunning but also withstands the test of time. Visit our showroom to explore the possibilities of using Sintered Stone in your outdoor living spaces.

Is Sintered Stone easy to clean and maintain?

At Gallery 77, we understand that the ease of cleaning and maintaining your countertop is a crucial consideration. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your Sintered Stone surface:

Cleaning Process:
Sintered Stone boasts a user-friendly cleaning process. Unlike some natural stones, it doesn’t require sealing. For day-to-day cleaning, a simple wipe down with a soft cloth and soapy water is sufficient. This straightforward cleaning routine ensures that your countertop maintains its beauty without the need for special formulas or treatments.

Benefits Over Other Materials:
Compared to other countertop materials, Sintered Stone offers distinct advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance:

No Sealing Required:
Unlike natural stones like granite, Sintered Stone does not need periodic sealing. This eliminates the hassle of resealing and simplifies the maintenance process.

Stain Resistance:
Sintered Stone is inherently resistant to stains, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens. Common spills and stains can be easily wiped away without leaving a lasting mark.

Expert Advice:
For specific care instructions tailored to your Sintered Stone countertop, it’s always beneficial to consult with the experts at Gallery 77. Our team can provide personalized guidance based on the unique characteristics of your chosen Sintered Stone variety, ensuring that your countertop remains a stunning and low-maintenance focal point in your home. Visit our showroom or contact us for more information on caring for your Sintered Stone surface.

Can Sintered Stone be recycled?

At Gallery 77, we recognize the importance of sustainability, and we’re pleased to share information on the recyclability of Sintered Stone:

Recyclability of Sintered Stone:
Sintered Stone stands out as an environmentally responsible choice due to its recyclable nature. The manufacturing process involves using recycled materials such as quartz, porcelain, and glass, contributing to the reduction of waste and promoting a more circular economy. The absence of binders in Sintered Stone further enhances its recyclability.

Reducing Environmental Impact:
Choosing Sintered Stone for your countertops aligns with eco-conscious practices. The materials used in Sintered Stone production are ground to a fine powder and sintered at high temperatures, forming a cohesive mass without melting. This process not only results in a durable and long-lasting surface but also minimizes environmental impact by reducing the need for excessive resources.

Local Sourcing and Certification:
Many of our Sintered Stone providers at Gallery 77 have received certifications such as GREENGUARD, attesting to their commitment to low-emission practices. Additionally, the abundance of quartz, a primary component, often allows for local material sourcing, reducing transportation emissions.

Making an Informed Choice:
By choosing Sintered Stone, you’re making a conscious decision towards environmental sustainability. For more details on the recyclability of specific Sintered Stone varieties or to explore our environmentally friendly options, feel free to consult with our knowledgeable team at Gallery 77. We’re here to guide you toward choices that align with both your aesthetic preferences and environmental values.

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