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Are you in a remodeling state of mind? Is your fireplace starting to show its years? Natural stone remnants are the key! 

Remnants are the pieces left over after countertop fabrication and installation. They are too small to make another marble, limestone, granite or travertine countertop, but they are useful for any other project that calls for a hard, enticing, low-maintenance and one-of-a-kind surface.


Natural Stone Is Perfect for Fireplaces

The first fireplaces ever to exist were natural stone fireplaces. People have always found them attractive, and will forever continue to. But a natural stone surround, hearth or mantle isn’t just easy on the eyes. A natural stone fireplace is:

  • Totally unique. No two slabs of natural stone share the same pattern, guaranteeing your fireplace will be special.
  • Endlessly customizable. Natural stone’s virtually unlimited colors give you an equal number of design options.
  • Long-lasting. Installed properly, a natural stone fireplace’s lifespan can easily outlast a century (the earliest known mantelpiece is almost 1,000 years old).
  • Low-maintenance. You don’t have to clean a natural stone fireplace often, and when you do it isn’t difficult.
  • Consistent. If you’re a fan of coordinated interior design, the remnants from your new countertop can turn your fireplace into a matching accent.
  • A good investment. People have always found natural stone fireplaces attractive, and will forever continue to pay higher prices for homes that have them.
  • Warmer. Natural stone retains heat, which it gradually releases into the home even as the fire dies down.

Tile Is Also Perfect for Fireplaces

Tile has been around for about 5,000 years, so it’s hardly an unconventional choice for your fireplace remodel. It is a more economical alternative to natural stone. Even so, tile can still give your fireplace the same look as natural stone, as it’s often made of the same material.

Many other types of tile are suitable for fireplaces. Ceramic tiles are well liked because they are available in literally any size, shape and color. They are also easy to install (and even easier to maintain). Porcelain costs more than ceramic, but many find porcelain tile’s greater density and durability are both well worth it. You may also find a greater selection of porcelain tiles than you would with ceramic – a reflection of its greater popularity. 

Glass is also a great choice for tiling a fireplace. It glistens as it catches the flame’s light, and that same reflectivity brightens up a room even when a fire isn’t burning. It may be more brittle than natural stone, but glass tile is extremely heat-resistant. It’s created under temperatures exceeding 1500 °F!

Glass is also excellent for creating mosaics. We use our own water jet technology to precision cut glass and other types of tiles. We then use them to create any decorative pattern our client has in mind. Whether you’re going for an Etruscan villa vibe – or something more in line with contemporary Beverly Hills – there’s a mosaic tile fireplace that will bring your vision for your home to life.


Now Is the Perfect Time for a Fireplace Remodel. The best time to remodel your fireplace? That’s easy: when you don’t need it to stay warm! Contact Gallery 77 today to schedule your fireplace remodel before cold weather returns to the greater Hudson, WI area. We have a massive selection of natural stone remnants to choose from, as well as every fireplace-worthy tile our industry has to offer.