How Gallery 77 Does Our Part for the Planet


We relish every opportunity to create alluring and durable quartz, tile and natural stone countertops for our clients throughout the greater Hudson, WI area. Beautifying kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces is immensely rewarding. So too, is building a long-lasting relationship with the homeowners and business owners we feel honored to serve.

But our work provides us with yet another reward: doing our part to help protect our favorite planet, which is uncoincidentally the only one we will ever set foot on (unless Mars is colonized during our lifetimes and the colony requires outstanding countertops). That is why Gallery 77 partners with manufacturers that share our commitment to conserving the environment – many of which also produce their fine products right here in the United States. Here are some of those companies, and just some of the reasons why their products are environmentally friendly!



MSI’s granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate and Q Premium Natural Quartz all make a sound choice for any bathroom or kitchen countertop. In recent years MSI has converted over 95% of their stone tile suppliers’ packaging from styrofoam over to cardboard. MSI also reduced their wood usage by approximately 70% by switching from crates to reusable pallets, converted several of their warehouses to solar power, and received the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification which reflects that their products emit low or zero pollutants indoors.


LX Hausys

LX Hausys provides Gallery 77 with Viatera quartz surfaces, which boast superior longevity and are available in a variety of subtle and bold designs. They were the first company in South Korea to satisfy the Voluntary Carbon Standard, which is the world’s leading greenhouse gas crediting program. Several of their products contain a significant percentage of pre-consumer recycled content. LX Hausys also contributes to the Dokdo Natural Protection Zone, which preserves the natural beauty of a group of pristine islets in the Sea of Japan.


Hyundai L&C

Gallery 77 proudly carries HanStone Quartz by Hyundai L&C, which is made of one of the hardest minerals in nature and created to look precisely like natural stone. All of Hyundai L&C’s North American factories are committed to preventing pollution, promoting reuse, reducing use of toxic chemicals, and conserving energy. As such they recycle 100% of the water they utilize while manufacturing their low-VOC products, and also donate their byproducts to other companies for reutilization. Hyundai L&C’s slab scraps are turned into landscaping gravel!



Wilsonart Quartz is available in a broad selection of colors and patterns, intensely durable, easy to maintain, resistant to staining, and backed by a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. Better yet, Wilsonart countertops exceed the industry’s highest standards for indoor air quality and received GREENGUARD Gold Certification for their low chemical emissions.



DIFINITI’s countertops and tiles are among the strongest on the market. Whether you choose their nature-inspired Enhance series, their chic and simple Enlighten series, or one of their bolder and more evocative Evoke Plus series surfaces, you’re assured a hard-wearing and easily maintained countertop. You’re also minimizing your bathroom or kitchen remodel’s impact on the environment, because many of DIFINITI’s products contain a high percentage of recycled glass.



TABQUARTZ utilizes proprietary Vacuum Vibro-Compaction Technology, which forms abnormally dense slabs with zero surface porosity. Their heavy countertops are accordingly exceedingly hard to stain – not to mention virtually immune to microbes. Nearly 80% of the energy TAB utilizes comes from renewable sources, and the company is working hard to become exclusively reliant on renewable energy. Any wood TAB uses is chemical-free and 100% renewable as well.



With their American Reserve, ONE Quartz Surfaces, Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces, natural quartzite and natural stone slab product lines, Daltile assures the ideal countertop for any lifestyle or aesthetic. As part of Mohawk Industries’ Environmental, Social and Governance Report, the LEED certified company recovers and reuses 84% of all the process wastewater generated in their manufacturing plants – the majority of which are zero-discharge facilities. Daltile prevents over 120 million gallons of water from winding up in municipal treatment facilities every year. Since 2018, they have also reduced their carbon footprint by nearly 40%.


Emser Tile

Emser Tile’s wide range of porcelain, ceramic, engineered stone, natural stone, glass and mosaic surfaces makes designing the perfect indoor space feel just as easy as it is rewarding. Their Commitment to Sustainability Program includes implementing environmentally friendly practices at every available opportunity, such as choosing to work with suppliers that recycle unused materials as much as possible, minimize the use of water during the manufacturing process, and exclusively use water-based glazes.

If you would like to learn more about Gallery 77’s own commitment to environmental conservation – or discuss how we can help perfect your home or business with an eco-friendly countertop – then we welcome you to contact us today!