Which Makes Your Room Look Bigger?

Tiles are available in any size you could imagine. Whether you want 3’x3′ or 1/2″x1/2″ tile, you have thousands of options to choose from – or limitless options, if you order custom. Such an expansive array of options is liberating, because it means you can bring any idea you have for a backsplash to life. But it is also daunting if you don’t know which size tile would best suit a particular room.

Fortunately, you can’t really go wrong. The best tile size for a kitchen or bathroom is subjective. So long as you love it, it’s right! But there are a few pointers to keep in mind if you would like to select tile that best complements a room’s size.


The Best Tile Size Is Typically Proportional to Room Size

Here is a general rule of thumb: the larger the room, the larger the tiles it can handle. If you have a wide open floor plan where the kitchen and living room blend together, then large tile would make an appropriate backsplash for your kitchen. Your master bath, which is likely the largest bathroom in your home, will look good with medium tiles. And if you have a smaller half bath, then smaller mosaic tiles would probably suit it best.


Using Multiple Tile Sizes Creates Different Aesthetics

If your backsplash only includes tiles of one size, it will create a sleek, clean aesthetic. But the more different tile sizes you combine, the more complexity you will add to your kitchen or bathroom. Mixing tile sizes can create a very distinctive aesthetic – perfect if you have a singular vision for your home. Just take care that a backsplash comprised of several varying tile sizes tends to make the surrounding room feel more compact.


Large Tiles Make a Smaller Room Look Bigger

You aren’t obligated to forgo large tiles in a small room. Large tiles have fewer and relatively narrower grout lines, which can create the illusion that a small room is larger than it actually is. If you do opt for larger backsplash tiles in a small room, try to select tiles that are smaller than the floor tiles. Otherwise the room’s proportionality suffers. It is difficult to put into words, but a room with small floor tiles and large backsplash tiles feels inexcusably “top-heavy.”


Small Tiles Help Smaller Rooms Flow

A smaller kitchen may feel crowded by multiple cabinets and appliances. Likewise, a compact bathroom can feel cramped because its toilet, sink, cabinets and shower are all positioned so close to one another. Smaller tiles have a tendency to make a small space’s features appear more spread out, whereas larger tiles only trick the eye into perceiving the room’s features as more cramped together than they actually are.

We appreciate that this advice directly contradicts the “large tiles make a small room look bigger” tidbit we offered just before it. Really, it is impossible to give broad-stroke advice that will apply equally well to every room. Selecting the best tile size for a room’s backsplash is best done on a case-by-case basis!

If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in the greater Hudson, WI area, then the Gallery 77 team is standing by to make certain you select the best tile size for its backsplash. We can also create and install the ideal countertop for any room in your home or place or business. We welcome you to contact us today for any guidance you could need!