Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays! And by that logic, there’s no better place to renovate in anticipation of the holidays. Whether you’re hosting a large family gathering or just making your home a touch more intimate for the most wonderful time of the year, here are a few easy renovation ideas that will make you happy to be home for Christmas – and increase your property value while you’re at it!


Upgrade to Natural Stone Countertops

Nothing transforms a kitchen or bathroom quite so dramatically as new natural stone countertops. Whether you choose lustrous granite, quartzite, marble, travertine, soapstone or onyx, you’re always assured a one-of-a-kind countertop when you go with natural stone. Each slab’s pattern is completely unique! But if you would rather have a more durable and nearly as striking countertop, engineered quartz makes an excellent alternative. Either one will leave you wondering why you wasted so many years on formica.


Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

Do you plan on doing a lot of cooking, and want to make cleanup a breeze? Or do you prefer taking a more catered approach to entertaining guests? Either way, you’ll be surprised by how much a new backsplash can transform your kitchen. It is an easy project that can be completed by a layman in two to four days, and most of that time is only needed to let mortar and grout dry. Get creative with your design – there are no limits to what you can do with a little tile and error!


Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Pop

Did you know that almost half of kitchens have white cabinets? How ho-hum! It’s little wonder why homeowners who like making a statement are increasingly choosing bold colors for their kitchen cabinets. Even a subdued green can add a pleasant je ne sais quoi to your cabinets, but if you’d really like to spice things up you can select a sumptuous shade of vermillion, emerald or sapphire instead.


Replace Your Doorknobs

Replacing your home’s doorknobs is simple, takes no longer than a single afternoon, and costs surprisingly little. It’s a great way to give your entire home’s interior an overhaul without having to dip brushes in paint. Glass knobs are gaining popularity for their vintage appeal, but don’t be afraid to get a little more experimental. If you wind up disliking it, it’s easy to change!


Install a Patterned Wood Floor

Gone are the days when patterned wood floors could only be created by skilled (i.e. expensive) carpenters. Thanks to the rise of budget-friendly laminate flooring, now anyone can place chic parquet, herringbone or chevron in any room of their home without having to spring for costly cherry, oak or maple. Laminate flooring also installs quickly, so it should only take one day to make a statement in your kitchen that all your guests will go gaga for.


Update Your Fireplace

Too many fireplaces are kept cold and barren because securing an ample supply of logs is inconvenient. If you’re ready to reembrace your fireplace, consider upgrading it to gas. Once you have decided whether you want to install a direct gas vent insert, vented gas log, unvented gas log or vent-free insert, installation by a professional is fast and relatively affordable. But if you’re apprehensive about adding a new gas fixture to your living space, you’ll be amazed by how realistic an electric fireplace insert will look in place of your old wood-burner!


Increase Your Energy Efficiency

It doesn’t appear that oil or electricity are destined to become cheaper any time soon. Fortunately, offsetting rising energy costs is as easy as installing a few choice energy-efficient features in your home. Caulk any drafts you notice into nonexistence. Seal any leaky ducts that are making your HVAC system work harder than it has to. Replace your old incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs – they use 75% less electricity and last 25 times longer! And if you really feel like going all out, then a smart thermostat is due to shave about 8% off your annual heating and cooling bills.


The Gallery 77 team is eager to learn about your new vermillion kitchen cabinets and glass doorknobs, but we’re especially excited to help you install gorgeous new countertops at your home in the greater Hudson, WI area. Even if you wait to contact us until after the holidays, our custom countertops will impress your holiday guests just as much next year!