Remodeling made easy. We searched all over the twin cities for our granite, and then for an installing contractor. On a whim, we stopped by Gallery 77 and met Pablo and Suzanne. What surprised us was that they actually had granite slabs that we were able to view at his shop and then he held them for us till our plan came together. The whole process was professional, and to our surprise, at about the time when we expected to hear the price was going up, Pablo informed us that the actual measurements were less than our drawing showed, and he dropped the price to reflect actual square footage. Once our cabinets went in, measurements were prompt and the stone was cut and installed in about two weeks. The install quality was high, as the seams are barely noticeable, and the fitment was perfect. Additionally, Pablo has an eye for good looking color combinations. He helped us select from a wide variety of tile backdrops which are all available at their shop, a sink which matched our tile, and even helped select handles for our cabinets which match nicely with the rest of our decor. Thanks Pablo and Suzanne for a great job!